What is a TrAC Apprenticeship?

A TrAC apprenticeship is similar to any other apprenticeship - it is a job with training.

You will be employed and paid a wage but unlike a traditional apprenticeship you will attend more than one place of work over the course of your apprenticeship (usually a construction site or office) where you will learn on the job.  You will also attend a place of learning such as a college or training establishment.  Attending both work and college is vital as you work towards a nationally recognised qualification.

There are four different types of Apprenticeship:

  • Foundation Apprenticeship
  • Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Higher Apprenticeship
  • Degree Apprenticeship

Most Foundation Apprenticeships require no minimum qualifications such as GCSE’s but it may help you if you have achieved grades in Maths and English.  If you haven’t, don’t worry.  Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships do have minimum formal entry qualification requirements.  When you look at our vacancies you will see the different levels and what the requirements are for each.  Degree Apprenticheships provide an opportunity to gain a full bachelor's (Level 6) or master's degree (Level 7) and can take between three to six years to complete depending on the level of the course.


How is a TrAC Apprenticeship different?

A TrAC Apprenticeship pulls together a number of different placements, giving you an opportunity to work with a range of different companies and professionals.  It can also provide increased security around the continuation of your Apprenticeship because it is not dependent on one company having enough work for the duration of your apprenticeship.  You will experience different construction projects and different ways of working which will look great on your CV.

What will you learn?

That depends on the job you are training for.  There are 186 different roles within the construction industry.  Every apprenticeship follows a programme of study to deliver the skills and abilities that employers need and they are accredited by professional bodies.

At the end of your apprenticeship you will have the qualifications, skills and experience which match exactly what an employer wants so that you can go on and enjoy a career in the construction industry.



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