Using the latest cloud-based systems, with the benefits of two factor authentication, Collaborate is accessible anywhere you have a wireless or mobile data connection.  The platform is designed to run efficiently on PC's, tablets or mobile phone technology and incorporates digital signing of documentation to ensure compliance.

Using Collaborate will support the effective management of Flexi Job Apprenticeships, and in particular, adherance to the DfE Quality Framework.


Combining all the functionality required to run a successful Flexi Job Apprenticeship Agency or Shared Service into a single functional web based platform, means that Collaborate provides exceptional value for money and convenience. 


Collaborate removes the need for FJAAs to run seperate systems as it combines:

  • An Online Jobs Board

  • An Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

  • A Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

  • An HR/People Management System

  • Learning Management System

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The Collaborate Jobs Board

The user can:

  • Display jobs in map or list format
  • Be re-directed from adverts on Find An Apprenticeship
  • Filter results by location, distance, Apprenticeship and level
  • Sort by closest or most recently added


Applicant Tracking System

  • Links to Collaborate jobs board
  • Sends host job specs for approval
  • Records applications for vacancies, but also allows general or speculative applications
  • Displays a red/amber/green light system to ensure applicants are contacted in specific timescales
  • Provides a customisable application process that allows you to capture the right information needed
  • Shows a status log to show interventions and progress of each applicant
  • Generates reports based on gender, ethnicity, disability, age at application, employment status
  • Allows for further analysis through Microsoft PowerBI integration
  • Provides FJAA staff with details of specific applications for vacancies, but also general applicants that match a job specification
  • Delivers customisable initial interview/screening wizard for use by FJAA staff to establish applicant suitability
  • Allows applicants to be longlisted or rejected, recording reasons for tracking purposes
  • Shortlists candidates for specific vacancies
  • Invites candidates to interview through system emails


Customer Relationship Management

  • Allows real time recording of emails, telephone calls, text messages and other incoming and outgoing communications
  • Allows categorisation of interventions to easily identify actions by groups
  • Allows notes to be pinned to the top of the list for priority information
  • Allows FJAA staff to notify another staff member of actions if required with records when this has been read
  • Allows FJAA staff to request an action from another member of staff which is recorded when marked as complete
  • Allows attachments to be uploaded in pdf, jpg, docx, xslx, eml or msg format

Participant Management


Participants can:

  • Access and record time at work, training, sickness and leave using web application or app
  • Record and claim expenses using the web application or the app
  • Update their contact details online
  • See and provide comments on their review documents
  • View system messages sent by the FJAA
  • View important dates such as the date of End Point Asssessment
  • Report an accident or incident
  • Report bullying or harassment in the workplace
  • View FJAA documents, policies and procedures
  • View and electronically sign contracts and agreements

Hosts (Companies) can:

  • View and authorise timesheets, holiday requests, and expense claims
  • View and update host company insurance details and health and safety information
  • View and electronically sign agreements with the FJAA
  • Report participant sickness or non attendance
  • Request assistance from their FJAA  Account Manager
  • Report an accident or incident
  • View documentation and files relating to their participant


Staff operating the system can:

  • Upload documents, policies or procedures for global or individual dissemination
  • Record the results of any drug or alcohol testing
  • Carry out inductions with participants and host companies online or face to face
  • Review and approve authorised timesheets for payment
  • Review and approve authorised expense claims
  • Create cost calculators to allow system processing of pay and expenses
  • Produce a CSV file for import into payroll systems
  • Complete participant reviews online or face to face, with engagement from host company and training provider

Provider Management

Providers working with the FJAA can:

  • Report absences
  • Report and view accidents and incidents relating to their participant
  • View files and documents attributed to them
  • View and contribute to participant reviews
  • Provide feedback on progress, concerns or other information about a participant
  • Review and electronically sign a service level agreement with the FJAA
  • Upload updated learning plans, contracts for service and other documentation



Using the Collaborate system has transformed our business. It allows all our systems and processes to be streamlined and digitised so that we can reduce bureaucracy for our apprentices and host companies. 

It's great to have a system where all the functions that are required to run a Flexi Job Apprenticeship Agency are all in one place, saving us time and money. 

Sally Moore - Director TrAC


We were looking for a system to fully meet all our requirements, not something we would have to adapt and undoubtedly not use it to its full extent as we had in the past.  Collaborate has proved to be exactly what we were looking for, providing us with a system where all information is held in one place, managing our apprentices from recruitment to completion.

Julie Deeley - Director of Operations EN:Able Futures



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