What is the CSCS test?

The Health, Safety and Welfare of all TrAC apprentices is paramount.

The CSCS test is a Health & Safety test that all candidates must take and pass before they can start their apprenticeship and employment with TrAC.

The test a touch screen test and althought it's not a qualification, it is designed to ensure you understand the importance of Health & Safety before you start working on a construction site.

Read on for more information about the cost, how to practice the test and how to book it.

How much does the test cost?

The test costs £21 and this is payable at the time of booking so make sure you have a credit / debit card handy.  Once you have passed the test and have started your employment with TrAC we will purchase your CSCS card for you.

Practice makes perfect

You can practice answering the questions from the CSCS test but please read our handy instruction guide first:

  1. Type in to the search box in the top right hand corner “CSCS” and then hit ENTER to start the search.
  2. From the results click on “CSCS Health Safety & Environment Test – 410 questions”

On the next screen scroll to the bottom and where it says “Select Category Below To Revise” click into the drop down box below this and select ---VIEW ALL QUESTIONS---.  Once this is showing in the drop down list click the green PLAY MANUALLY button directly above it.

The test will load and you will have 45 mins to answer the questions.


Read each question carefully and select your answer from the options given.  You will see whether you have answered the questions correctly and a running total near the top of the screen will show you how you are doing.

At the end of the questions you will receive a score out of 50 and an indication as to whether you would have passed or failed the test. You can go through any incorrect answers and revisit specific areas of the test (identified in purple below the questions).

TrAC does not manage the practice site and we are aware that sometimes the site is updated or changes are made.  If you find that these instructions do not work please contact TrAC on 01603 737739 for advice.

Are you ready to practice the CSCS test?  click here

Ready to book your CSCS test?

When you are ready to book your CSCS test click on the link below.  You will need to CREATE A WEB ACCOUNT and must have your National Insurance number to hand when doing this.  Please choose UNEMPLOYED when prompted for your employment status.

Book the CSCS test click here and follow the steps below to complete your booking.



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